R.D. Khosla celebrates the Annual Sports Day

The school celebrated its annual sports day with great enthusiasm and ferver. Chairman Sh. Arvind Khosla, President Sh. Ajay Khosla, Principal Mrs. Bindu Bhalla and the members of management committee inaugurated the day by releasing ballons and pigeons followed by march past.

The students displayed plethora of energetic sports events like 100 m race, Skipping race, Yoga, Knee Balancing race, Sack race, Hurdle race, Spoon race, Four-leg race, 200 m race, obstacle race, etc. The school playground was overflowing with zeal and excitement.

The audience were mesmerised with their performances. The proud parents could be seen filled with happiness to see their child performing. The winners were awarded with the prizes. On this occasion, Principal Mrs. Bindu Bhalla thanked all the teachers for their cooperation and support. She advised children to keep up their sportsman spirit. She added that school has earned glory at district, state and national level by outstanding achievements.

Chairman Sh. Arvind Khosla motivated the students to take part in the sports. President Sh. Ajay Khosla expressed that games play a vital role in the students’ life.

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