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About School

R.D. Khosla D.A.V. Model Sr. Sec. School is a premier Institute established by a philanthropist Late Sh. Charanjit Khosla as a sapling, which is now grown into a fully grownup tree.  He was a visionary who dreamt of establishing standards of ethical and excellent education especially in such a semi-urban dwelling. 

The school was incepted in year 1980 with the initiative taken by our Late Hon’ble Chairman Sh. Charanjit Khosla with his team alongwith other educationists and enlightened souls of the town.  The school started with just 210 students, 10 teachers, 6 rooms imparting education upto 4th Standard.  The journey from humble beginning to the present day reality is a saga of persistent hard work, diligence, faith and determination.  With the blessings of the Almighty and cooperation given by the progressive and forward looking parents and citizens, the Institution is making earnest efforts to reach the pinnacle of glory – marching forward achieving new goals, setting up new bench marks and mile stones.  Since then the school has provided honest intellect and spontaneous creative awakening through a versatile network of academic, co-curricular activities and sports.  As now, the school has attained the total strength of 5500 students on the land of 4.5 acre, with having 200 rooms and 15 labs.

We have taken the huge responsibility to equip the learners with the skills to face the challenges of the present world and at the same time to inculcate the values which make them good citizens.

All dreams are becoming realities but excellence is a goal-a never ending pursuit being followed by us- every new achievement spurs us to aspire for more and the better. The world is experiencing change every minute in almost all the fields and education sector is no exception.  The revolutionary changes in the globalized world today puts a huge responsibility on the Institutions and individuals associated with the field of education to prepare and equip the learners with skills to face the challenges of the present world and at the same time inculcate in them values which make them good citizens of the world.

We strongly intend to turn mirrors into windows and aspire to see this Institution make a great name for itself by producing shining stars of city.  We envisage well to implement new concepts and theories. Our objective is to support the new learning paradises that provides learning for students in a manner, most suited for them.

As, we are trying to uphold his vision by promoting intellectualism and overall growth of the child.  Here, at R. D. Khosla we have always endeavored to inculcate didactic values in children.  We have always catered to the needs of pupils and their parents by enduring pains and endless efforts.  We believe in producing Nation Builders.  For us, a child is like a clay and we shape it into a fully enlightened soul.

The whole atmosphere and activities have been designed and planned so as to aid children grow physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.  The effective implementation of encouragement and motivation to the staff members have infused zeal and zest in the students.

Honest education and a sincere Ambience is our priority and the emphasis is on creativity.  Encouraging students to make progressive choices and challenging world.  

Various knowledge enrichment programmes for students and staff are conducted through CBSE, NIPA, NCERT, GNOSTIC Centre.  The school itself has emerged as RESOURCE CENTRE for many of the neighbouring schools.

The school offers innovative ideas of future planning in taking the school to the unparallel heights of excellence by proving fully equipped Smart Classes, ultra modern facilities of hi-tech chemistry, Bio and Physics Lab, Mathematics Lab, IT Labs, Home Science Lab and Language Lab.  The Art and Craft room provides recreational diligence.  Also, a fully air conditioned Paramedical room provides immediate first aid to the students.

The marvelous administration offers frequent co –scholastic activities from Debates, Declamations, Dramatics and Seminars to Eloquence, Music to Martial Arts.  School is having an endless list of active participation in various Inter School, Inter District activities, by bagging various positions at Local, District and National Level Competitions.

Teachers at RD Khosla understand what is expected of them.  They always keep the potential and the aspiration of each child in mind while teaching.  The staff has members with a human touch who are masters of their subject as well.

The highly qualified and experienced faculty members of the school imparts quality education to students in an educating  way, where by giving them wings to choose the faculty/stream of their own choice in Senior Secondary Level.

Cognitive as well as conative development of the students is taken good care of, as the school has separate grounds for separate games.  There are grounds for Basketball, Handball, Football, Kho-Kho and 2 Badminton courts, Rugby, Cricket, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Judo, Martial Arts.

Track for athletics. Appropriate space is provided in the basement for the games of Table Tennis, Pool and Taekwondo.  The sports equipments are bought anew every year as per the requirement of the students.  Facility of a well maintained and spacious canteen is provided to the students where hygienic food is available with proper seating arrangement. 

The sports faculty of our school very vehemently emphasizes upon locating the hidden talents in the students.  Dexterous guidance and facilities are rendered to the students. Most of the time our sports champ come up with peerless performances and results, always enriching the grace and charm of this pioneer Institution. 

Principal, MRS. BINDU BHALLA, as an educationist has been provided with many opportunities to serve and to sensitize society around us and she has tried to avail each one of those with dedication and sincerity. Our future plans include making the school at high tech resource centre of International repute. We are grateful to our dynamic Chairman and President, whose continuous stewardship spurs us on.

The progress of the school is reflected in the academic and scholastic achievements of the students.  It is an index of quality of education given and development of mental and analytical faculties of the students.

The school inculcates the values of discernment and wit in every child so as to make them unbiased and pragmatic enough to tackle the obstacles of the world. 

In a nutshell, we are in a challenging task to help our children to grow, to discover their true self so that they may perform their future roles and face challenges of life extremely well.

Since 1980, School is offering excellent sophisticated and timeless values and education in this Semi-Urban area and now, we are proud to produce excellent alumni from our Institution.