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Rules & Regulations

  1. Students are required to reach the school before the first stroke of the bell.
  2. It is mandatory for students to attend the morning assembly regularly.
  3. Students must come to school in proper laundered uniform with closed buttons and polished shoes.
  4. Act with responsibility in the school. Respect for school property and school belongings is essential. Writing or scribbling on walls, desks or anywhere else is strictly prohibited.
  5. Students are required to wear I-Card every day. Students without I-Card will be imposed a fine as per norms of the school.
  6. Bring the diary to school every day.
  7. 90 % attendance is mandatory for students to make them eligible to sit in the exams.
  8. Students are not allowed to create any kind of noise while moving in between the classes in the corridors.
  9. Students are required to take part in various school activities as the school believes in this notion that extracurricular activities serve the same goals and functions as the subjects in the curriculum and they do provide experiences that are not included in the formal courses of study.
  10. Students are not allowed to bunk the classes.
  11. Do not leave the room without the class pass.
  12. Bursting of crackers will lead to suspension from the school.
  13. Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises during the classes. In case of any emergency/sickness an application should be send to the Principal.
  14. Carrying expensive items in the school is prohibited as the school does not hold the responsibility of lost articles.
  15. Disobedience, involvement in any kind of combats, or physical threat by any person to other person will not be tolerated as it simply justifies dismissal of student.
  16. Students are supposed to use the notebooks provided by the school for the fair work of all subjects and separate test copies for weekly tests of all subjects.
  17. Students are not allowed to bring any handouts or periodicals in the school except Text Books and Library Books.
  18. Students are expected to converse in English in the school premises.
  19. Use of abusive language will not be tolerable. If any student is found to do so, a strict disciplinary action will be taken against him.
  20. Carrying electronic gadgets like cell phones, I-pods and calculator is strictly prohibited. If any student is seen to possess any of these devices, it will be confiscated.
  21. Students are not allowed to eat anything from pull –cart vendors standing outside the school.