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Direction to useful career resources

The role of school and teachers in my career building is of paramount importance as any other student. School teachers follow the students through each pivotal stage of their development. At six to eight hours a day, five days a week, they are poised to become one of the most influential people in students’ life. My school teachers inspired me to study the subject beyond school, they talked about the relevance of subjects to the wider world of work and jobs related to the subject. They direct me to useful career resources. Their practice of inviting former students, role models for interactive sessions motivates students. The school’s art of infrastructure helps the students to explore different spheres, and choose the most suitable one for their career development. Along with the academics, school is doing great in other spheres of student’s personality development such as taking live projects on the economic issues, quizzes, commerce festival, etc. which develops the spirit of self-motivation among the students. These activities help us to familiar with our hidden talent and qualities which helps to build our career in this competitive era.

It is a great school in the city to learn and to become a better student and person.

I recommended R.D Khosla DAV Senior Secondary School in the highest of terms.”

Best Paper Award, Millikin University, USA
Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Kogod School of Business, University of America, Washington D.C

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