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The basic concept of teaching our students through these labs, is to infuse pragmatic approach in them towards the subjects matter.


The Physics Lab presents the students with an opportunity to gain insight into some of the basic principles of Physics. In the Physics Lab, variety of models are available for different instruments and experiments. The Lab exercises are set up to allow the students to gather and analyze the data by using the principles of the assigned topic. Lab also helps the students to evaluate the results to determine if the principles are sound.



Our Chemistry Lab is equipped with high quality chemicals which are mandatory for +1 & +2 Classes. Lab work motivates students to learn scientific concepts and to enhance student’s interest, practical skills and problem solving abilities. Students perform experiments in the respective lab having the capacity of 60 students to conduct the experiment at a time. Thus, aiming to teach them in student-friendly environment. The ambience & apparatus provides comprehensive knowledge to them.


A well-equipped Biology Lab with traditional as well as latest technological devices is a alluring section of our school. Our Biology lab comprises with the specimen of various organisms. Students are taken twice a week to the lab to supplement their practical knowledge about subject. It has been proving very beneficial to enhance their scientific temperament. Thus, inculcating & building the scientific instincts in them to pursue in their future course of time.



A spacious mathematics lab is present in the school premises, periodically visited by students in their allotted periods. Concepts are displayed through the means of charts and models. A park is designed by the students which consists of mathematical figures. Teachers motivate the creativity of the students and enhance their mathematical skills. Thus, focusing in bringing out ambidexterity among them.



Our school has a facility of well equipped and fully A.C. Computer Labs. In our Lab basic knowledge as well knowledge related to some languages are provided to the students. The prime focus is to prepare our students for global citizenship.




Our home science lab caters to the taste of those having interest in cooking. In the lab, students are taught how to cook various kinds of delectable dishes like Chinese, Italian and continental etc. They are also taught about the table manners and table arrangement. Keeping in mind, the increasing sphere of hospitality, the Home Science Lab aims at providing vocational knowledge to the students by perfecting them in multi cuisine to cultivate as career option.



In this era of digitalization, Smart Classes has changed the very concept of learning. It’s an innovative technology that has aimed to revolutionize the ways teachers teach and students learn in the class. Smart Classes provide education better through presentation and videos. Students can learn better through visualization. This type of teaching creates an attention called “Interest” in them.


Equipped with ultra-modern facilities, with complete set-up of infrastructure, Language lab is imbibed with Teaching-Learning software, in order to provide comprehensive, visualistic and informative insight into the content of syllabi. Frequent classes in Language Lab, furnish the language skills whether it is reading, writing, listening or speaking. Chiefly furbishing the communication skills of students.


Those having an inherent inclination in Music, school offers them a scaffold to pursue their taste and thus, provides them an opportunity to chase it. School accommodates excellent facility to teach classical, western and folk music in multi-cultural milieu. The school is replenished with complete range of musical instruments in perfect ambience of a separate music room.


The dance faculty grooms formal perfection in students through teaching them different dance forms. By virtue of which, many students have opted Dance as their career option.


Stocked with innumerable Books of profound variety, covering almost all genres for uplifting intellectualism in learners. School Library is the hub of future prodigies, as the absolute engrossment of the readers in library a common view. Library is providing the store house of the knowledge.