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Founder’s Message

Founder Late Sh. Charanjit Khosla

Your vision guides us as we build the future of the country by educating the generations to come. Your great love for teaching and mankind has inspired us to follow your footsteps and contribute towards making this world a better place. You will forever live on as a warm glow in our hearts and your vision will be the path upon which we travel. It gives us immense satisfaction to see that R. D. Khosla D.A.V. Model Sr. Sec. School which was a sapling planted by Founder Chairman Late Mr. Charanjit Khosla has grown into a massive tree brimming with life, cheer and good will.

Late Mr. Charanjit Khosla, vision was to ‘Spread the Light of Knowledge’. He always believed that, our students are our precious asset and their nurturing is our top most priority. He always motivated the students by saying.

Challenges are high, Dreams are new, the world out there is waiting for you, dare to dream, dare to try no goal is too distant, no star too high.

Our Late Chairman Mr. Charanjit Khosla left his mortal frame on 21st February 2013. but he will still live in our hearts as a friend, philosopher and guide. The fragrance of his noble deeds will always smell sweet in our hearts, his inspiring and motivating words will ring in our ears, he will always live in his vision and dreams passed on to his successors and team of workers. His vision, good will, determination and hard positivism will help us and guide us to achieve success.