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Vision & Mission


As, Our Chairman Sh. Arvind Khosla upholds his vision by promoting intellectualism and overall growth of the child. Here, at R. D. Khosla he has always endeavored to inculcate didactic values in children. Under his competent directions, the school is rendering a learning experience for young children which fully promotes the development of the child. The strategies always aim at building a broad based educational foundation, which prepares the child for future challenges.

We are holding a vision to proceed incessantly on the pious path to attain excellence in education, sports and co-scholastic activities and wishing to install the same values in our children.

In order to meet the requirements of uniformity, mechanization and commercialization, several new courses of contemporary technology are going to be introduced very shortly.


Our Mission is to provide an educational platform to bring about excellence by infusing versatility among students.